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Two Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree

Darren C. Demaree is from Mount Vernon, Ohio. He is a graduate of The College of Wooster and Miami University. He is the recipient of The Nancy Dew Taylor Prize from Emrys Journal, has received nine Pushcart Prize nominations, and has published six collections of poetry. Jellyfish Highway Press will publish his seventh collection of poetry, Unfinished Murder Ballads, in October of 2017. Outside of his own poetry, Darren is the founding editor of Ovenbird Poetry, as well the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology. Currently, he is enrolled in Kent State University’s M.L.I.S program, and is living and writing in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and children. 

We’ve named all of the animals
& we’ve put our fingers into the names
of each of them.  We’ve dragged
their names up to our faces
& forced them to meet our made-
up world.  Sometimes we are given
kisses.  Sometimes there is
a great warmth.  We know they
are wild.  We know there is danger.
We know if we allow the sweet wolf
into our veins it will become
the alpha inside our own bodies
& yet, what a pool to drown in.
The chemicals of each breed
brings a new threat.
There have been so many Ohioans
eaten from the inside out
that I’ve been forced
to re-think exactly what these drugs
are in our world.  They are wolves. 
We’ve been raised by them.