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We offer two annual poetry awards:  the Trio Award for First of Second Book for emerging poets, and the Louise Bogan Award for Artistic Merit and Excellence for a book of poems contributing in an innovative and distinct way to American poetry. We also offer an annual Creative Nonfiction Award and an open reading period.

To submit to our contests and read complete guidelines

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2024 Finalists and Winners

Past Judges and Award Winners


Louise Bogan Award: Clay by David Groff, selected by Michael Waters

Trio Award: Gold Passage by Iris Jamahl Dunkle, selected by Ross Gay



Louise Bogan Award: Flight of August by Lawrence Eby, selected by Joan Houlihand

Trio Award: The Consolations by John W. Evans, selected by Mihaela Moscaliuc



Louise Bogan Award: The Alchemy of My Mortal Form by Sandy Longhorn, selected by Carol Frost

Trio Award: What the Night Numbered by Bradford Tice, selected by Peter Campion



Louise Bogan Award: Bone Music by Stephen Cramer, selected by Kimiko Hahn

Trio Award: Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine, and Other Ways to Escape a Plague by Carolyn Hembree, selected by Neil Shepard



Louise Bogan Award: The Short Drive Home by Joe Osterhaus, selected by Chard DeNiord

Trio Award: Dark Tussock Moth by Mary Cisper, selected by Bhisham Bherwani


Louise Bogan Award: Two-Towns Over by Darren C. Demaree, selected by Campbell McGrath

Trio Award: Cleave by Pamela Johnson Parker, selected by Jennifer Barber


Louise Bogan Award: Waiting for the Wreck to Burn by Michele Battiste, selected by Jeff Friedman

Trio Award: My Afmerica by Artress Bethany White, selected by Sun Yung Shin 신 선 영


Louise Bogan Award: Sweet Beast by Gabriella R. Tallmadge, selected by Sandy Longhorn

Trio Award: Song Box by Kirk Wilson, selected by Malena Mörling



Louise Bogan Award: Bloomer by Jessica Hincapie, selected by LeeAnn Roripaugh

Trio Award: The Fallow by Megan Neville, selected by Stephen Healey



Louise Bogan Award:  States of Arousal by Sunshine O'Donnell, selected by Ed Bok Lee

Trio Award: The Fight by Jennifer Manthey, selected by Aileen Cassinetto



Louise Bogan Award: Dressing the Bear by Susan L Leary, selected by Kimberly Blaeser

Trio Award: Coachella Elegy by Christian Gullette, selected by Steve Bellin Oka

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